Jesse Boykins III-I Can't Stay Video

Probably the second best track on his Way of a Wayfarer EP, but that’s certainly no criticism as it’s a fantastic R&B/soul crossover that makes for an enjoyably positive listen.

It’s one of the bouncier, more lively productions I’ve heard JB3 on, making for a welcome departure from his slower, more soulful style. An infectious effervesence surrounds the track, derived from the strong synergy between the vocals and summery synth work, and it’s a vibe that carries into the video. Full of bright colours, sunny scenes and a general air of fun, the video exhibits both Jesse’s charisma and represents the track well, with each female encounter in the lyrics visualised in brief interactions that make for entertaining microcosms of the relationship.

Worth a watch, and certainly worth a listen. Grab this on the free EP here.

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