Jay Electronica and Mobb Deep-Call of Duty

The enigmatic Jay Electronica returned to the spotlight last night with the release of some new material, for the first time in months. He was rather active on Twitter in the build-up to the release, and amongst his Tweets was an appeal to Mobb Deep to jump on a track with him: he got his wish as they come by for the assist here.

Prodigy assumes hook duty, including a rather surprising ‘put your diamonds in the sky’ line given Mobb’s tumultuous history with Jay-Z, alongside a solid verse with a laidback, mellow delivery that contrasts favourably with the intense, lively production. Electronica’s verses are enjoyable too, with some strong lines showing a little more self-awareness and timestamping, with his acknowledgment of the mythical nature of his ‘upcoming’ debut album being notable, as he cleverly spins the Detox comparisons in a more favourable manner. Not quite as spectacular a track as I’d expected, but a very simple, effective slice of hip-hop that will get some plays.

Jay Electronica-Call of Duty ft. Mobb Deep

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