Jamie xx-Progress Video

Jamie xx and Quayola recently brought their creative vision to life, live in Shoreditch. Using two 15-metre HD screens, Quayola and his team, Abstract Birds, created live sound visualisations of Jamie xx’s set using their bespoke Partitura software.

A fantastic bit of technology here, and probably the closest thing I’ve ever seen to simulated synesthesia: you almost see the sounds come to life, as the visualisations have a very anthropomorphic quality in their movements and pulsations. It’s essentially the basic concept of a visualiser, but amplified via some very abstract thinking, and of course is aided by an excellent instrumental from the talented Jamie xx. Blending together soft bass hums, airy synths and a mixture of electronic sounds, Jamie creates a mellow and intricate production that only has one flaw: it’s far too short. Hopefully an extended version surfaces soon, but for now enjoy this unique audio-visual.

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