J. Cole-Lost Ones Video

According to the intro, this video was actually shot in 2008 (of course, meaning the song itself is from around that time), and it’s certainly held up well as it makes its way to the public 3 years later.

Whilst the hook is a little too light for me (leave those sort of admissions to ‘the kitten whisperer’ Drake), the verses boast some great storytelling and credit is due for Cole’s ability to effectively switch ‘characters’ from verse-to-verse, in a manner many will compare to Eminem’s incredible Stan (though of course, it’s nowhere near the level of that all-time great).

The video enhances the lyrical tale effectively, with the Antoinette Lenae putting in a very impressive performance that adds plenty of powerful emotion to Cole’s 2nd verse, whilst the cliffhanger of an ending makes for a thought-provoking finishing touch. Definitely worth a watch, and the track can be grabbed on Cole’s debut album.

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