Drake-Take Care Trailer

One of the most pointless trailers I’ve ever seen, and it’s not Drake’s fault.

Essentially a dressed-up list of Drake achievements, I’m completely at a loss to see why I’m supposed to buy his new album based on what he won and sold for his first album. In a 2:13 video, I counted 13 seconds of his new material in this video and a quick flash of the artwork, whereas Rihanna and Nicki Minaj seem to take up a much longer portion of the trailer, and the video ends with the realisation that actually, it’s been mostly about the numerous hits he was involved in from 09/10. The effects and styles used are incredibly low-budget too, and you can’t help but feel this video just oozes ‘He’ll sell and we know it, why waste money on promoting him properly?’.

Credit to whoever put the audio together as they’ve done a very good job on mixing some of his more popular tracks together,  but it alone can’t save one of the laziest marketing strategies (all-round, not just this video) you’ll ever see for someone of Drake’s standing and popularity. You have to feel for the lower rung of artists when even the most popular guys are suffering with the creative vacuums putting this stuff together.

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