Drake and Nicki Minaj-Make Me Proud

Despite 90% of Drake’s audience being female, the quotes from him surrounding this are that ‘the ladies were asking for a track for them’, and in the vein of Best I Ever Had, there’s lots of praise and ‘empowerment’.

Though it’s a little uncreative and repetitive, the simple hook will certainly reel in his usual audience in the manner the aforementioned track did, and similarly the verses will win female admirers. Both are a little stale for me, and it’s a relief hearing Nicki’s voice on the second verse: she’s no lyrical behemoth, but brings enough diversity in her flow and deliveries to at least make the track entertaining. The production is considerably darker than Best I Ever Had, and praise is due as it makes for a departure from the more atmospheric style he usually opts for. It’s a beat that would have been better served underneath stronger flows, and unfortunately Drake doesn’t take advantage. One the mainstream crowd will really enjoy though, unquestionably.

Drake-Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj

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