Common-Let’s Move

From the vaults of the underground comes a never before heard tale from Chicago’s Greatest Street Poet, Common. Common’s graphic story comes to life with the assist from visual artist and producer dsteele.

Street poet. Now there’s a title befitting Common’s style and status in hip-hop. This enjoyable effort sees Common’s wonderful storytelling abilities come to life thanks to a series of pencilled, comic-esque drawings from artist and producer dsteele, and it’s a very effective combination.

The result is an audio-visual that really evokes those late 80s-early 90s vibes of raw, soulful hip-hop with a purpose, and you’ll be hard pressed to not find yourself feeling a little nostalgic watching and listening to the old-school vibes that coarse through this track. Not from Common’s upcoming album, but still a great buzz generator for that nearly-here LP, and you can grab the track here.

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