Common-Blue Sky

Common’s latest single from The Dreamer, The Believer, and he’s picked a sample that almost everyone is going to be familiar with in ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky.

That distinctive vocal snippet is joined by thudding bass hits, combining the sample’s positivity with a powerful drive, adding a little thickness to the track and making this a very energetic, intense production that feels markedly different to Common’s previous fare-no small feat when you’ve played with as many variants of hip-hop as Com has! The raps are on point as usual with Common, with raps that stick tightly to the ambitious, ‘look up to the sky’ subject matter in the consistent and relevant manner synonymous with Common. The track is broken up nicely with some (uncredited) female vocal on the hook, and descends gradually into a Kanye West-style for the final third, with distorted vocals and sharper percussion, making for another show of diversity. Solid effort, and whilst it’s not quite as immediately engaging as Ghetto Dreams, it’s likely to be a grower.
Common-Blue Sky

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