Common-Blue Sky Video

Great new video from Common’s upcoming The Dreamer, The Believer album, and one that amplifies the energy and introspection of the track.

The quick cuts from scene-to-scene in the video have a fast-moving, perpetual motion feel to them, and hence add an franticness to the video that works well with the blends that comprise the production. The cold palette of colours used throughout adds a nice balance to that intensity, downplaying it somewhat and giving it a gritter, more grounded counter-weight. There’s expectedly a good message throughout, with various folk expressing their diverse talents within mere yards from one another, though each shows moments of weakness that humanises the group. Particularly, the pregnant lady appears to be in to almost balance out the positivity, as she appears in despair and confusion, creating a much stronger sense of reality in the video.

Of course, Common’s picked out some nice fashion once again, and I’m sure many will be taking notes from his simple yet excellent selections. Worth a watch, and you can grab the audio here.

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