Chip Tha Ripper and Wale-25 Wives

Laidback, easygoing vibes from Chip and Wale to finish off your Monday evening.

The production has a wistful, drifty sample as its core melody, and one that’ll catch your ear both for its pitch and effective simplicity, whilst the percussion slowly winds through the track and enhances the aforementioned sample by remaining fairly unobtrusive. Chip brings a decent verse and a solid hook, both packaged in a mellow delivery that synergises with the production well, whilst his lyrical content sticks true to the somewhat lavish and indulgent title. Wale injects the track with more sharpness, as his more urgent delivery contrasts with the relaxed style of Chip’s work for a little diversity. A good track that will fill out a playlist well enough, though lacks that ‘outstanding moment’ to be good enough to dominate one.

Chip Tha Ripper-25 Wives ft. Wale

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