Childish Gambino-Bonfire Video

Undoubtedly an excellent track, and these visuals are probably about as anticipated as anything Childish Gambino has released to date, with his upcoming Camp album on the horizon.

The video is certainly fitting for its Halloween release, with an extremely dark, horror-esque theme that seems to have very little congruence with the actual lyrical content, but tells its own entertaining story. Opening with a very graphic scene of Gambino vomiting blood, the video follows his journey of confusion and fear amongst eerie surroundings (is there any more intimidating environment than woods at night?!), whilst a group of young adults share scary stories over a bonfire. The devil is in the detail here, as certain motions and great facial expressions from Gambino suggest the story being told is about him, with his ‘ghost’ summoned by the tale being told.

Camp is released November 15th: you can pre-order the album here, or grab this enjoyable single here.

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