Childish Gambino-All The Shine

Another fantastic effort from Childish Gambino, as he once again demonstrates both his singing and rapping talents with this track from the upcoming Camp album. Bags of introspection in the verses makes for frank and refreshing listening, whilst the melodies on the hook are captivating and add a positive spin to the sombre, often bittersweet verse lyrics. The production matches that, with the energetic yet slow paced production progressing logically from verse to hook with some extra synths and a sharper percussion. Great track, and I’m looking forward to that album on 15th November.

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2 comments to Childish Gambino-All The Shine

  • Rupe Dogg

    CG always manages to get great production. The intro could have been downsized though.

    On this form, Camp will definitely be getting listened to before Take Care come November 15th.

  • His ear for a good production is excellent, and stands him in good stead for future works (and hopefully Camp!).

    Definitely listening to Camp first, and truth be told what we’ve heard from Camp is far, far better than that from Take Care. I’ll be buying Camp, can’t say the same for Take Care.

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