Young Buck-Closer To My Dreams

When Buck gets it right, he tends to get it very right. Sampling one Goapele’s finest works in the mellow, soulful Closer (a sample also used by Drake back in 2008 in one of the first tracks I ever heard him on), the production has a lovely effortlessness, combined with a relaxing quality that contrasts well with Buck’s rather sharp voice.

Young Buck comes through with solid work in the raps, mixing it up between introspection and the usual ‘street’ raps, and generally taking to the production well, whilst his cohort Hambino also does a decent job with his verse. Rightfully, the original vocals are allowed to close out the track mostly uninterrupted, and this is a nicely rounded track that most hip-hop fans should be able to appreciate.

Young Buck-Closer To My Dreams ft. Hambino

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