XV-When We’re Done Video

Another excellent track from the Zero Heroes mixtape gets the video treatment (there were quite a few in truth!), with Vizzy selecting the uplifting yet thoughtful When We’re Done.

A well-made blend of energy and introspection, the production calls on a medley of styles with a futuristic feel in the vocal sample, a retrospective, wistful vibe from the key work and a little intensity with the crisp percussion work. XV’s raps equally combine styles, as he comes through with a motivational, often autobiographical message that rotates between inspiring and reflective.

The video is fairly simple and much like the audio appears to have two distinct ‘parts’, with much of the first half split between shots of XV rapping in a desolate space and also journeying the road, whilst the second half has a more celebratory, Carpe diem style that ranges from a night out to a little skydiving. Though the first half is a little slow moving, it’s a decent enough video supported by a strong audio. Grab that mixtape now.

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