XV-The Kick

XV’s not one to hold back with his material, and he lets loose of another track hot on the heels of releasing his BITSTU freestyle. Crucially, his quality is kept at a great standard even with such frequent releases: with that said, this is quite possibly one of his strongest releases to date.

The production is unlike anything I’ve heard XV on previously, sampling Hans Zimmer’s Time (from the Inception score) for a dark, atmospheric production that also boasts a fantastic progressiveness. XV’s rarely slack with the raps, and delivers a passionate performance that uses the slow build of the beat very well, whilst his lyricism blends introspection with a little storytelling and comes laced with numerous Inception references. Very enjoyable music from start to finish, and unquestionably one of his most rounded, captivating tracks to date. Shame he’ll probably never get official sample clearance for this to release it as a single, but there we are!

XV-The Kick

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