XV and Trae Tha Truth-Batteries

Another quick strike from XV, as he comes through with yet more really enjoyable material, immediately after releasing one of his finest efforts to date with The Kick.

The production here has a nice blend of soft synth work, light samples (both vocal and electronic) and a thumping bass, offering a strong hip-hop sensibility with a sprinkling of mainstream influence to make this a wide-reaching, accessible beat. The raps from both artists are very enjoyable, and surprisingly Trae probably takes the win thanks to his husky tones offering a superb contrast to the lively production, whilst his rapid delivery is another highlight of his performance. XV is certainly enjoyable with his own work, and this is another solid effort from Vizzy. What I want to know is, where’s the audio for that F.I.F.A. track?!

XV-Batteries ft. Trae Tha Truth

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