Theophilus London-I Stand Alone Video

Theophilus London is certainly one of the more genre-crossing, boundary-free ‘rappers’ around these days, and this alternative track undoubtedly stands out as one of his better tracks to date.

Many will be familiar with it from its superb use as a sync in the How To Make It In America season 2 teaser, though unfortunately the official music video doesn’t quite work as well as the trailer did. The idea to go with a more tongue-in-cheek approach doesn’t really pay off here, given the uplifting energy in the track, which would have been far better suited for a more focused, motivational video, and could have resulted in a big hit for Theophilus. It’s not without its moments though, and there are some entertaining snippets, whilst London’s charisma is evident even in the face of thematic incongruence.

There’s almost a hint of Andre 3000 about his offbeat, non-conformist style on the whole and hopefully he’ll continue to improve himself. The audio can be found on his Timez Are Weird These Days album, out now.

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