The-Dream-Long Gone Video

A genuinely fantastic track, and one that’s rarely left my rotation since its release on the free 1977 album.

The sharp guitar plucks make for a superb backdrop, blending together a summery, Latin American feel with a rough edge that creates depth and a slight darkness. Combine that with raw, hard-hitting lyricism from one of R&B’s best songwriters, a clear and effective structure and very catchy vocals, and you’ve got a superbly rounded track that stands out as one of the R&B highlights of recent months.

The video is a great watch, opting for a more character focused video that showcases a noticeably slimmer Dream’s natural charisma with a dedicated and confident performance, whilst the slow unravelling of the leading lady makes for a subtle and likeable change of pace against the more obvious, brash videos usually associated with the genre. Definitely worth a watch, and the audio should be grabbed here (along with the rest of the free album).

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