Skylar Grey-Invisible Video

To clarify, the video itself is not invisible.

The latest visuals from the very talented Skylar Grey, and unlike the more jagged, rock-driven Dance Without You, this track feels extremely mainstream friendly and will surely be a huge hit for Skylar in the coming months. The timing is impeccable here, as whilst the track was originally premiered back in June, the bittersweet style of it is far better suited to an Autumn/Winter release, being a much closer fit to colder climates than warm, sunny days.

The video embellishes the audio well, opening with similar scenes to Eminem’s Not Afraid, as Skylar’s perched atop a skyscraper and surrounded by industrial scenery, and slowly unravelling a more human aspect with Skylar symbolically dropping her hood to fully reveal herself in amongst regular people. The video’s theme is helped considerably by its presentation through a grey filter, and it’s a solid audio-visual combination that should strike a chord with pop fans.

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