Scams-Helicopter Parents Video

Introduced to you way back in April, Scams impressed me with a fresh take on the Indie style and that evolves with this hugely enjoyable track.

Opening with a dark, gritty style, the track bursts into life with an explosion of sharp guitars, thudding percussion and intense vocals, blending together for a rebellious, energetic effort from start to end. It’s all held together with a pop-rock sensibility that ensures the instrumentation remains memorable, the verses are engaging and the hook is catchy, with a clear comfort in their own sound. They even throw in a dub-esque bass around two-thirds of the way through and at the end, displaying their diversity and sonic flexibility.

The video is dimly lit, mostly monochromatic and plays off the darker elements of the music very well, thankfully avoiding both over-complication and over-simplification, rather landing in a happy medium that suits and enhances the audio. Slick production is key here, as the video matches the band’s own refined style with a smartly-edited and generally enjoyable visual product. Lots of potential here, and it could be only a matter of time before they crack a mainstream audience.

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