R&B Fridays: Episode 119

This week has seen some superb music video releases in the pop, R&B and soul world and that mini-revival continues with a solid offering in this week’s R&B instalment.

The aforementioned videos include heart-warming visuals from Musiq Soulchild, uplifting scenes from Patrick Stump and Lupe Fiasco, an intrictate, thought-provoking effort from Frank Ocean, and finally a sharp, confident performance from The-Dream in one of his best releases to date.

Caught up with all the above? Your eyes may need a rest, but your ears await the musical delights that lie below.

Mario-Give It To Me
-Mario comes through once again (I believe this is 3 consecutive weeks now), this time dropping off a bouncy, jovial effort. The production utilises a perky piano riff to great effect, surrounding it with little more than a crashing percussion and giving it rightful focus, whilst Mario delivers some enjoyable singalong vocals to combine with that production nicely. Solid all-rounder with a nice positive vibe.

Mateo-Say It’s So ft. Alicia Keys

-Huge co-sign for upcomer Mateo here as he not only snags Alicia for a feature, but also gets her husband Mr. Swizz Beatz on the production for this track. Surely destined to be a breakout hit for Mateo with such company, he delivers a pop/R&B style performance that veers between ballad and slow jam nicely, giving it a wide-reaching appeal. Swizzy serves up a wistful production that builds to a powerful hook, and certainly stands out as something different than his usual fare, and whilst Alicia is confined to supporting vocals during the hook, her trademark vocals still add a great deal of atmosphere.

VV Brown-Children (Keep On Singing) ft. Chiddy
-The UK’s very own VV Brown grabs half of Chiddy Bang for a collaboration with a real vintage vibe. The track has a deliciously retro feel, with a cacophony of elements creating a diverse, playful production that has a freedom befitting the child-centric, nursery rhyme hook. Very pop in its nature and one that will strike a chord with the younger crowd for sure.

Musiq Soulchild-Run & Hide
-Smoothed out soul vibes from the buttery voice of Musiq Soulchild here, as he delivers a performance with just enough variance to keep it both relaxing enough to mellow you out, and diverse enough to keep you interested. The production is rightfully laidback, and is made up of little more than claps, a very soft synth and a high-pitched ‘beeped’ melody, taking a backseat to Musiq’s performance.

Ne-Yo-The Way You Move ft. T-Pain & Trey Songz
-A superstar collaboration from some DJ’s upcoming project. Ne-Yo’s probably shades the win here, with an addictive performance from start to finish as he laces a textbook slow jam production with sultry vocals, though Trey Songz’s verse certainly deserves credit as he too delivers with his vocals, and only really loses out as he’s got less time on the track. Even Pain’s contribution is enjoyable, and this is really strong slow jam material with no particular weakness. It’s just unfortunate that this sort of material is increasingly rare!

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