R&B Fridays: Episode 118

Bags of talent in this week’s episode, with five artists involved that can all count themselves amongst the favourites of the R&B Fridays followers.

Just one post to recap on from the week gone by, with the official video for Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You being released, and they’re certainly worth a watch.

Click below for this week’s scheduled programming.

Mario-Make You Forget
-Another solid one from Mario, following last week’s enjoyable slow jam with a more uptempo effort this week. Simple percussion moves the track along nicely, whilst a light blend of synths, guitars, and samples provides Mario’s decent vocals with a diverse yet unobtrusive soundscape to work with. Nice job on the hook here, as Mario keeps things catchy and again shows improvements at seperating his verse and chorus work.

Jesse Boykins III-B4 The Weeknd Is Thru ft. The Weeknd
-Not an official feature, but a remix/mashup by JB3 himself as he retools his vocals from the superb B4 The Night Is Thru and lays them over The Weeknd’s sultry The Knowing. It works extremely well, and though there is a short adjustment period as both sets of vocals are played simultaneously, it settles down into a really enjoyable remake of both Boykins’ single and The Weeknd’s track.

Cee-Lo Green-You Promised Me Love
-A unique blend of soul, pop and alternative, as per Cee-Lo’s regular routine. There’s a slightly offbeat nature about the track, as it uses an odd mixture of elements in the production for an uptempo, bright production to almost oppose the somewhat bittersweet nature of Cee-Lo’s lyrics and vocals. Something a little different, and one that you’ll likely either love or hate.

Lloyd-Saturday Night
-It’s always great to hear from Lloyd, and this makes for his first piece of material since his King of Hearts album release back in July. Full of those trademark smooth, whispery vocals, Lloyd’s aided by a pounding percussion that adds a power and depth to those softer vocals, whilst the production as a whole has that nice midtempo blend. Solid material, and hopefully more is coming.

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