Kano & Mikey J - E.T. ft. Wiley, Wretch 32 & Scorcher

Every time I listen to a UK track I can’t help but wonder what an American hip hop fan would think listening to it, and it’s rarer than I like that I’d think “yeah, they would go crazy for this”. This is one of those rare times.

Initially I was put off by the auto-tune laden hook we hear as the track opens, and I had put it down to a typical experimental track by Kano, but don’t let it put you off, skip to 1:16 if you have to. Kano spazzes out and sounds hungry, which follows from his previous instalment of this Not 4 The A List weekly multimedia series by him and Mikey J. Wiley follows it with a decent verse, though the lack of his presence hinders it somewhat (the “INSERT WILEY HERE” lettering in this vid is poignant). What also hinders Wiley’s verse is what follows from Wretch 32, which by even his standards is an extremely high quality Wretch verse, with the Mayweather lines a particular highlight. The approving look Kano gives Wretch as he closes out his verse genuinely made me laugh out loud. Scorcher finishes the track off with his verse and you can’t help but feel this is a passing of the torch moment (it can’t be denied that he hasn’t seen the same level of success that the other 3 artists have done so yet).

An excellent track which is available for free by heading over here and giving them your email address.

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