John West and Pusha T-Lovely Video

Heavily-delayed visuals for the debut single from John West. Given that the audio was released way back in March (and admittedly, I couldn’t believe it was that long ago!), it’s strange to see such a lag time in breaking the upcoming singer to a wider audience, but soul season is approaching, and it’s arguably a better move to unleash him now.

The Robin Thicke comparisons will continue with this minimal, casual yet rather suave video, with lots of nighttime scenery, dimmed lighting and a general laidback feel representing the song accurately. It’s not a revolutionary theme or style, but it’s increasingly rare to find easygoing, stylish themes like this amongst the growing trend for over-stimulating in music videos, and it makes for refreshing and relaxing viewing.

Congratulations to Pusha T too, who recently announced his official solo deal with Def Jam. Not wholly unexpected given his success in the last 12 months, and hopefully we’ll see him on more features of this ilk.

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