Jedi Mind Tricks-Target Practice

Champions League hangover, so I’m going to jump right to the point here: Stoupe will no longer produce for Jedi Mind Tricks. That’s a bit like, say, selling Fabregas and Nasri, and leaving production to Diaby. That being said, although his production was always central to the JMT sound, it’s clear his focus has been elsewhere recently, as explained by Vinnie Paz here. I digress.

There is however, some good news for us fanboys bemoaning the loss of Stoupe. Jus Allah is back. And I don’t mean back as in he happens to be on the track listing words that rhyme, but he’s back with what seems to be his best verse since rejoining the group in 2007.

In summary, Stoupe’s gone, Jus Allah is good again, Vinnie Paz is Vinnie Paz, production is okay, and the track leaves me looking forward to Violence Begets Violence.

Jedi Mind Tricks – Target Practice

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