J. Cole-Daddy’s Little Girl Video

New visuals from Cole’s debut album (released yesterday), and a set that may reel in fans previously put off by his ‘lightweight’ single, Work Out.

Lyrically, Cole provides some very enjoyable bittersweet raps, telling the tale of a ‘Daddy’s Little Girl‘ gone wrong, spending her time in the wrong places and living a life of misdemeanour. This is the sort of lyricism from J. Cole that most hip-hop fans were parading 2 years ago, and I’m sure it’ll encourage those fans to head out and grab that album. The production has atmosphere tied with an electronic-style sample, representing both the gravity of Cole’s lyrics and adding a little accompanying energy.

The video is a great portrayal of the lyrics and enhances that story fantastically, displaying the dichotomy between the ballet steps of an innocent child and the sleaze of a somewhat less angelic stripper. A superb device employed is the interspersion of scenes with the stripper ballet dancing, which initially appear to be possibly something she’s doing in her spare time to recapture her youth, but instead ends as an ‘alternate reality’, showing the path she may have ended up on. Superb audio-visual, be sure to grab the album on iTunes now.

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