J. Cole-Any Given Sunday #5

Neverland: ‘produced by Chase N. Cashe and J. Cole. Some shit we did out in LA! Not on the album, but something you should have. Ride to it. Shout to my n***a Chase!‘. A hard-hitting production, this track blends a chunky percussion with uplifting synths for a hypnotic beat, whilst Cole comes through with some solid raps. Similar to Bring Em In production-wise, but with a more introspective lyrical subject.

Heavy: ‘Did a lot of records in LA some months back. This is another one. Not album material, but its HEAVY. Produced by J. Cole‘. A driven, intense production that’ll really get your head nodding, and Cole comes through with semi-aggressive raps that capitalise on the slow energy of the production nicely with a mixture of deliveries and accessible lyrical work, as he once again treads that mainstream and underground border.

J. Cole-Neverland
J. Cole-Heavy

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