J. Cole and Jay-Z-Mr. Nice Watch

Undoubtedly the most anticipated track from Cole’s upcoming debut album (released 27th September), the much-hyped Jay-Z feature finally lands as Cole promised earlier today.

The title suggests this track is rather jovial, but the opening will immediately realign that view: a booming, bassy production bursts into life from the off, boasting electronic and dub influences that immediately inject an intensity and urgency into the track. A beat that would have slotted in nicely on Watch The Throne, Cole takes the production on well, borrowing fom Kanye West’s style in portions (particularly the arrogant closing lines on the hook), alongside some quickfire flows of his own. Jay grabs the last verse with a passable performance, and whilst some of his wordplay on the watch theme is enjoyable, his rhyming is a little lazy in places. A decent track, though one where the production dominates to such an extent that there isn’t a standout vocal moment.

J. Cole-Mr. Nice Watch ft. Jay-Z (UPDATE: Dirty version added via J. Cole)

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