Fred Knuxx-Straight Edge MC

This project stems from Fred Knuxx’s appreciation of the talent within the Wrestling world. Knuxx takes current and old school wrestlers (CM Punk, Razor Ramon, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, Legion Of Doom, Chris Benoit, Midnight Express, Million Dollar Man, Triple H and many more) theme music and flips them into banging Hip Hop tracks. Some wrestling themes over the years have certainly spread into mainstream culture, and 11 years after WWF Aggression (which featured luminaries such as Run DMC, R.A. The Rugged Man, Method Man and more) I’m looking forward to hearing another hip-hop infusion.

Fred kicks off with the energetic theme for CM Punk, grabbing the chunky guitar riffs and staggering them into his production for intense, powerful blasts to back his quickfire flows. Throw in a couple of well-placed CM Punk soundbites and this is an enjoyable track that should satisfy hip-hop fans regardless of their wrestling views.

Fred Knuxx-Straight Edge MC

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