Frank Ocean-Thinking About You Video

Frank originally provided a demo version for Bridget Kelly, but it looks like the expected course of this track has been altered, with Frank releasing official visuals for what is certainly one of his best tracks to date. The audio itself seems to have been the beneficiary of new backing vocals and mastering too, which suggests that this could find its way to an upcoming project of his.

The theme of video is begins in an entirely incongruent style to that of the audio, with a couple struggling with injuries and eerie tribespeople, undoubtedly throwing the viewer off. However, a more related story unravells as the aforementioned scenes are seemingly part of a dream had by a patient Frank is tending to. The ending is equally thought-provoking, as the dream appears instead to be a flashback, as the light/ring is passed on to another loved one.

Lots to be deduced from watching this one, and it’s helped by a fantastic audio track. Grab the original version(s) of the track here.

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