Frank Ocean-Swim Good Video

The beauty of some videos is that no matter how sure you are of your interpretation, inevitably there will be a fleet of alternative perceptions.

Directed by the esteemed Nabil, the video opens in very strange circumstances that immediately blend reflection and oddity together, and that combination continues as Frank drives on lonely roads whilst having flashbacks to an unusual combination of pleasure and murder. What follows is a shot of his Jordan sneakers: the Eastern outfit is merely a guise, and simply covers what truly lies beneath, almost an entirely opposite outfit. It works to represent the seeming incongruence of the lyrics with the video, as the oft-repeated ‘black suit’ is replaced by orange outerwear and street clothes underneath, driving ‘into the ocean’ is instead driving into the woods and so on. The message here seems to be to strip away that top layer and listen (or look) a little deeper for a message that relates more tightly, or live with the inconsistency of judging from the surface alone.

An enjoyable video, and one to watch multiple times to really cement your interpretation. Nostalgia Lite hopefully coming soon.

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