Drake-Take Care Artwork

Drake unveils the official artwork for his upcoming sophomore album, set for release on 24th October. It’s quite interesting that his promo bandwagon doesn’t seem to be in full effect as of yet, but things may step up now with this unveil.

Clearly, there’s a King Midas influence in this one, with Drake surrounded by gold, and hence the somewhat egotistical implication that everything he touches turns to gold. However, also evident is Drake’s forlorn, almost regretful expression, and true to the Midas story there’s a suggestion that ‘he understood that this gift was a bane and in his loathing for gold, cursed his prayer‘. It certainly sounds like Drake, with multiple reflective tracks in recent years almost bemoaning his status and fame, and whilst it’s a hollow complaint to most of us, it does make for some of his better music (see Fear and Club Paradise). More will be revealed soon, I’m sure.

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