Drake-Club Paradise

Drake was extremely generous last night and let loose of three brand new tracks, though it’s unclear whether the two tracks of his own (the third is a feature) will appear on his upcoming sophomore effort, Take Care.

Paradise opens up with a lovely soft synth, and courtesy of mellow percussion and light key work it evolves into a laidback, relaxing production that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. It’s a beat that’ll really drift you away into a summery daydream, and absolutely stands up as one of 40′s best productions to date: I recently commented on the potential overuse of the dark, ambient style by him, but here he manages to retain a cool ambience but in a much more upbeat, positive manner. Drake does a solid job mixing it up with his raps and vocals, and as expected his hook is delivered in that whispery style, making it hugely memorable. Fantastic track, and it would be a shame if this doesn’t make the album.

Drake-Club Paradise

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