Blink-182-After Midnight

The third track made available from Neighborhoods, and it’s delivered in an unconventional manner in keeping with the unique methods both Tom and Mark have favoured in recent years. Having been premiered by Zane Lowe a few hours ago, you can now head to to play a game and be rewarded with a free download of After Midnight: It’s not my job to ruin anyone’s fun/promotional tactic, so head there to get the track!

The instrumental work has a fantastic blend of the wistful, distant Angels and Airwaves guitar style with a bittersweet pop-punk edge, giving it a sound similar to the previous Blink album, but with a heavy dose of Angels’ ethereal influence. Tom’s melodies are as strong as ever on the verses, belting out some incredibly catchy vocals throughout, whilst Mark delivers an addictive chorus lyrically reminiscent of his work with +44, synergising superbly with the production to really anchor the song. The first real audio evidence of a fusion between the +44 and Angels & Airwaves styles, whilst also having a throwback Blink style, and it’s a successful combination that arguably makes for the best track we’ve heard from the album thus far. Grab the track here!

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