Astonish-Shine Like Dilla/Trees Video

Astonish’s”The Astonishingly ODD Project” will be released in October on Molemen Records; and will be a free LP (15 tracks).

Astonish is a new name to me, but comes through with an incredibly well-rounded track boasting a bright, summery production that Dilla would have been proud of: soft synths, mellow bass hits, sharp percussion and light hits of various samples combine for an imaginative tapestry of soundwork. Halfway through, the production adopts a more urgent style, offering a little diversity and contrasting with the laidback hook superbly. The raps are enjoyable, as Astonish delivers some decent lines with a Drake-esque delivery, whilst the Drake comparisons continue with very likeable vocalisation on the hook. Further versatility comes with the addition of Trees, offering a gritter, jaw-rattling production that would provide most mainstream rappers with a bonafide hit, and Astonish adjusts accordingly, with an uplifting and motivational rapping style brought to the beat.

Upcoming artists, take note: put Dilla in your email subject, and you get my attention. Make music as solid as this, and you’ll keep my attention.

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