Yasmin and Shy FX-Light Up (The World)

Break out your parachute pants and turtleneck jumpers, you’re about to go back to 1992. A vague recollection of early-mid 90s music is all that’s needed to become enamoured with the latest single from the lovely Yasmin.

The production boasts a wonderfully retro combination of early 90s jungle and reggae with mid 90s/00s garage, fusing speedy drums with thick bass and sharp melodies and resulting in an addictive throwback production. Solid vocal work from Yasmin too, who comes on a drifty, lightweight style that blends nicely with the eclectic production to retain that old-school flavour, and also act as another sign of her musical versatility. Three singles from Yasmin thus far, and whilst each has been very different from the last, there’s a consistency in the quality that suggests her debut album should be one to look forward to.

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