The Weeknd-Thursday

Undoubtedly, the hype surrounding The Weeknd is at a peak right now, and he rides the crest of the wave with the highly-anticipated release of his sophomore project, Thursday. The ambient House of Balloons was a resounding success for the talented vocalist, and I’ve got little doubt that quality will continue here, with what is expected to be a different, more uptempo offering; two recent tracks we have heard from The Weeknd attest to that, with Rolling Stone and The Birds part 1 making the cut.

A few cryptic tweets from The Weeknd and Drake suggested the release was coming, and those rumblings proved to be true in the late hours of last night/this morning. Even at that early hour, I’m informed the release managed to crash both The Weeknd and Drake’s websites! Naturally, we’ve procured ourselves a copy, and you can click below to grab yours, with a backup link also available.

The Weeknd-Thursday
(backup link here)

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