Statik Selektah & Slaine-State Of Grace Mixtape

I’m without a personal laptop, headphones, and iPod this week, so I can’t give a review of this mixtape just yet.

On the plus side, you know what to expect when it comes to these two. Statik Selektah has been consistently putting out solid mixtapes for years now and to add to that, Slaine has been on a mission as of late (as I mentioned here the other day), and will no doubt bring his own brand of Boston hip-hop to the Statik Selektah sound.

It’s also something to hold us over until A World With No Skies, and with features from Ill Bill, Termanology, and Action Bronson, fans can probably guess what they’re getting here.

Slaine and Statik Selektah-State of Grace

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