Red Cafe, Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie-Fly Together

Take a moment and think about Red Cafe’s situation: he’s simulataneously signed to both Diddy and Akon’s respective labels, he had a massively popular single in early ’09 with Hottest In The Hood, and frequently collaborates with huge artists. Surely he has to be regarded as one of the biggest underperformers around?

One criticism that you can’t level at him is poor beat selection, and here he picks a superb R-Les production that relies largely on addictive bass plucks creating a thick and distinctive melody, whilst the tempo suits both Cafe and Ross very nicely. Lyrically, it’s relatively typical mainstream stuff, and arguably Cafe mimics Ross’ own rapping style a little too much, but it’s an easy listen with R-Les’ memorable hook and outro being notable. A decent enough standard, and one that’s accessible to a wide audience, but more can be expected with his credentials.

Red Cafe-Fly Together ft. Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie

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3 comments to Red Cafe, Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie-Fly Together

  • Definitely under performing but he had label issues with Akon (felt Akon wasn’t giving his project enough/any attention) thus being allowed to sign for Diddy too. Don’t need to tell you Diddy’s track record in successfully developing artists post-2000s!

    Should have signed for Atlantic, their marketing model would be absolutely perfect for him and his style.

  • Bad Boy is distributed throuigh Atlantic if I recall correctly (hence Janelle Monae was on those Atlantic roundtable discussion things) so there are certainly opportunities there.

    Also, post-2000s Bad Boy artists really haven’t been anything to write home about. Only 3 real successful (and even then, it’s questionable) acts have been broken: Cassie, Janelle and Dirty Money. Given that Cassie is now doing nothing, Janelle already had a huge fanbase and Dirty Money is his own project, we may be giving Diddy more leeway than he deserves.

    Back to Red Cafe though, I do like him and he could certainly find a good Fabolous-type slot for himself with the right promotion.

  • What I actually meant by that was that Bad Boy’s track record on breaking new artists is worse than terrible – that’s obvious. Nobody should be giving Diddy leeway in that respect, Red Cafe needs to get out of that situation, it’s done him no favours. He’s pretty old now for a rapper (older than 30 I think), so really the best he can hope for is a Fabolous type slot as you suggest.

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