R&B Fridays: Episode 115

Six tracks from six respected artists to enjoy this week, bringing together a little bit of soul, a little bit of pop and a little more R&B.

The same can be said with this week’s related posts, with a soulful jam delivered by UK upcomer Cherri Prince, fellow Brit Emeli Sande collaborating with Wretch32 for a free single, a cinematic visual for The-Dream’s latest R&B slow jam, and finally a remix of Kreayshawn’s popular Gucci Gucci.

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Mary J. Blige-25/8
-Clever. The track was both released on the above date, and is also about going that step further than ’24/7′. Boasting that typically triumphant Mary J sound, there’s also a hint of arrogance in the opening verse in both the lyrics and the hip-hop style delivery, giving this a little attitude alongside the quality in vocals expected from MJB on the hook.

The Weeknd-The Zone (Ty Cody Dubstep Remix)
-One of the more popular tracks from Thursday undergoes a dubstep treatment that frankly goes right over my head. I fully expected dubstep heads to enjoy this, but to me it just sounds like he’s got the original and chucked in a few frenzied synths and thick basslines over the top at certain points, rather than working with the original instrumental and actually remixing the track. Could just be my uneducated-to-dubstep ears, but I don’t entirely get this.

Anthony Hamilton-Nowhere
-After the electronic mayhem above, you’ll be craving something as stripped back and easygoing as this. The track opens with a few soft guitar licks and a heavy percussion, and evolves into a country-inspired production that has a lovely wistful quality, with Anthony’s flexible vocals adapting to the progression superbly and combining his soulful style with one suited to the country backdrop.

Trey Songz-Trigga In Africa
-Trey’s next up on the N***as In Paris production (albeit not the original, instead a ‘replica’ version), coming on his rapping tip and doing an OK job. Credit to Trey for getting a little original in flashes with the lyrics, though the lingering thought is how great it would have sounded to hear him singing on this beat rather than rapping. Still, a solid effort.

David Guetta-Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj
-David Guetta must have some serious funding for his next album, given the magnitude of the features he’s amassed. Minaj goes for an entirely different style to her usual fare, adopting a less rapped approach and instead going with the mainstream-friendly uplifting singing style, and whilst she’s heavily autotuned, it’s a show of versatility that really does work for her. Not my thing, but lots of energy and interesting to see Nicki being very comfortable in this lane.

Jeremih-Another Song
-Not usually a fan of Jeremih, but this is a catchy, infectious effort that has a real vintage vibe. Both Jeremih’s delivery and the production sound right out of the 1950′s, with a simple blend of clicks, vocals and funky guitars making for an easygoing and organic track that has a lot of summer charm. Positive, feelgood effort that has a very distinct sound.

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