R&B Fridays: Episode 112

Running a little late than usual this week, but it’s here and that’s what counts. An interesting lineup once again this week, with the old-school, the current game, and newcomers all represented in this diverse edition.

Three posts to recap on from the week gone by: Yasmin offered a preview of her addictive, 90s-inspired new single, Chris Brown released a brand new 21-track mixtape, and finally a remix of Estelle’s most recent single.

Click below for this week’s tasty instalment.

Tyrese-Too Easy ft. Ludacris
-The combination of these two promised much, but unfortunately wasn’t quite on the style I’d hoped for. Heavily-autotuned with a relatively minimal production, there’s more than a hint of Jamie Foxx’s Blame It in this one, almost replicating the percussion on the bridge and hook. It’s not my sort of thing, but will probably be enjoyed by the mainstream fans.

Elle Varner-Only Wanna Give It To You ft. J. Cole
-Really nice vibe on this one. The production boasts a heavy hip-hop infusion; the drums are pounding, the sample is achingly familiar (can’t quite place it, but possibly the start of Ghetto Superstar) and the tempo is slowed, whilst the vocal work from Elle is extremely soulful. The synergy is successful, and results in a track with a 90s vibe that will undoubtedly win over most that hear it. Solid verse from Cole rounds this one off well.

Jason Derulo-It Girl
-Not a bad effort at all. Lots of passion in the vocals, and a very catchy performance from start to finish makes this a potentially huge hit for Derulo. Crucially, the Autotune seems to have been (mostly) dropped, which makes for a refreshing change to his music and fits well with the upbeat, summer stylings of the production. Decent enough all-round.

Cherlise-Love You Right ft. Lil’ Wayne
-Another one the mainstream heads will enjoy. A typical Weezy R&B verse kicks things off (a couple of punchlines to raise a smerk at, and not much else), followed up by a hook with very sharp, cymbal-crashing percussion to add an edge to the track. Vocally and thematically it’s fairly generic, and hence I’m not really getting roped into the track much. One for the chart fans.

Joe-Gone Away
-Closing things off with something a little more organic, thanks to the veteran Joe. There’s an upbeat vibe to the production that marks a departure in style from his usual slow jam beats, instead selecting a Neptunes production with an addictive bounce. It works very well, and Joe stamps his authority on the track with a blend of mellow vocals with passionate bursts, giving this a nice bit of diversity.

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