Phonte and Elzhi-Not Here Anymore

New material from Phonte, taken from his upcoming album Charity Starts At Home, and he grabs one of Detroit’s finest in Elzhi for the assist here.

A track full of interesting blends too, repeatedly pulling together a few musical dichotomies for a diverse and engaging listen; The smooth, soft vibes in the synth and samples mesh cleverly with a thudding, hypnotising percussion, the relatable, realistic raps combine cleanly with the soulful, daydreamy (that’s not a word) hook, and Phonte’s more laidback rapping style contrasts nicely with Elzhi’s sharper delivery. It’s an apt representation of Phonte’s own versatility and eclecticism, as the various styles he’s encountered throughout his career with Little Brother, The Foreign Exchange and other projects appear to each have injected influence here, and it certainly gets hopes high for the upcoming album.

Phonte-Not Here Anymore ft. Elzhi

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