Mickey Factz and Jade-Nightrider

Taken from the upcoming Need For Speed: Nitro soundtrack, Mickey Factz comes through with a pulsating, uptempo track that will certainly get the adrenaline flowing. His flows are on-point as usual, and whilst his lyrics are understandably grounded slightly from their usual lofty heights, he compensates by bringing a progressive delivery that rightfully anchors the song around Jade’s catchy hook.

A little background on Jade: she’s a very talented vocalist who released a wonderful little EP a little while before this site was birthed, one that really dominated my listening for a considerable period following its release. She now works as part of the Blind Benny duo, and will hopefully rise to prominence with this relatively big co-sign. Worth grabbing both the aforementioned EP and this track, which is available below.

Mickey Factz-Nightrider ft. Jade

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