Launches Monthly User-Curated Gigs

A couple of us here at OTU are longtime and frequent users of the service, and it’s interesting to see this next step in their progression, a very smart one given all of the great data they have at their disposal. announces CocknBullKid as the headline act for the first monthly ‘ Presents’ gigs. The monthly flagship music events, taking place in London on the first Friday of every month, will be curated by data and powered by listeners. The first gig will be held at The Garage, London, on Friday 7th October 2011. The events will include a range of live acts selected according to the popularity of listener’s scrobbles and the Hype Charts – providing a line-up of the most popular and hottest up and coming artists.

When asked about her appearance at the primary Live Friday gig CocknBullKid said “All I’m saying is that there’ll be a story – a cradle to the grave journey. And it will be very interactive. There may even be vogueing.”
Info and tickets available here

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