Kreayshawn and Giggs-Gucci Gucci Remix

You don’t have to like her music, but there’s no denying Kreayshawn is a cool character, and certainly has a big future ahead of her. Frankly, I think she’s great and a breath of fresh air in the industry, both for looking a little different (I’m a sucker for girls with tattoos) and bringing a unique pop/hip-hop hybrid.

Everyone’s heard Gucci Gucci by now and having recently toured Europe on the back of its success, Giggs uses that opportunity to jump on a remix with Kreayshawn, delivering his trademark slow raps over the hypnotising, bassy production and fitting right in. His dulcet tones are perfect for the beat, and there can’t be many other artists that are as sonically suited to this production as Giggs is. Definitely worth a listen for fans of the original.

Kreayshawn-Gucci Gucci Remix ft. Giggs

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