Kid Cudi-No One Believes Me Video

It’s been a little while since we had some substantial material from Cudi, and with the disappointment that was his second album, it’s fair to say that he’s lost an awful lot of the momentum he had almost exactly 2 years ago.

However, Cudi shows a real return to form here with the lead single from the upcoming Fright Night film soundtrack. The track opens up with a dark blend of violins and spiky guitars, and is soon met by a slow percussion that adds an ominous vibe, with the overall combination giving the track a nightmarish style that would have slotted in perfectly on his superb debut album. Cudi brings moany, isolated harmonies to the track, keeping things relatively simple and intertwining brilliantly with the production to enhance that eerie yet edgy atmosphere.

The video itself tells a great story, as Cudi progressively expresses his unease alongside the escalating horror in the video, followed by the ‘revelation’ that he himself is to be feared, concluding with the regret of his actions. A superb video that utilises the aura of the audio very well. More like this please!

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