Jay-Z and Kanye West-Otis Video

The first official video from the collaborative album from the duo arrive, timed nicely as the dust settles on the album release.

Despite my slight disappointment in the album (review here), and despite already seeing criticism for this video in various outlets, I’m actually a fan of the video. There’s lots of positivity, energy and a feelgood vibe that’s been entirely absent from the careers (both visual and audio) of both men in recent years, and whilst at times they overdo it trying to convince everyone they’re still ‘young’ at various points, you’ll grin at watching the duo cut loose and take themselves less seriously for a change. It’s an infectious positivity, and works alongside the soulful audio to humanise them considerably.

Thematically the video is pretty simple, with the duo rapping in a fairly desolate environment and driving around in a ridiculously-customised Maybach. Sharp-eyed viewers will also spot a cameo from comedian Aziz Ansari, with his hilariously-awkward dancing at around 2:31 worthy of a few rewatches. A good video, and the audio can be found on the Watch The Throne album, available everywhere now.

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