J. Cole-Any Given Sunday 2

For the record, these are not mixtapes, not EP’s either. I wake up on Sunday’s and I decide what songs I want to let out or rerelease for yall. You’ve been so patient for 2 YEARS! I think you deserve some insight and unreleased music.

More new music from Cole, continuing his series with a very enjoyable 3-track drop, and I don’t seem to have any of these in my library either, which makes for even more enjoyment. Three very different trackstoo: Cole delivers some smooth bars on the soulful Be production from the Common album of the same name, gets confident and braggadocios on the head-nodder Bring Em In, and finally unravels his more introspective side on Roll Call. All very enjoyable tracks, and you can read brief commentaries from Cole himself on each of them here.

J. Cole-Any Given Sunday 2

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