J. Cole-Any Given Sunday #1 (Free EP)

With his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story set for release on 27th September, Cole kicks off the hype wagon with this 5-track pack. He recently announced his intention to follow the G.O.O.D. Fridays/Hip-Hop Weekly blueprint by releasing tracks weekly in the build up to the aforementioned album, and he’s kicked off here with a nice blend of old and new music to satisfy his growing fanbase.

How High, Unabomber (one of my favourites J. Cole tracks) and Knock on Wood will be familiar to longtime fans, and will undoubtedly make for good listening to those a little newer to the party. The two newer tracks are also very enjoyable; Like A Star has a buttery, retro vibe and a little more positivity from Cole that makes for refreshing summer listening, whilst Pity boasts a great soul-sampling production and a more introspective quality, alongside solid features from Voli and Cole’s running mate Omen. Click here to read his brief thoughts on each track and click below for the EP.

J. Cole-Any Given Sunday #1

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