Game-N***as In Compton

When Game isn’t spending his spare time putting large weaponry up against his own face (seriously, what a promo picture!), he’s spending it rapping over instrumentals from Watch The Throne. He recently released a 21-minute rap over the Otis production, and follows up with a much more concise (and hence listenable) effort over the next single from the Jay-Z and Kanye West album, N***as In Paris.

A short, snappy freestyle, Game does a passable job on this production, adopting in a more laidback style than the original that doesn’t quite capture the intensity and energy of the original. Arguably however, that’s partly down to the section of the production that’s been looped, as it lacks that jaw-rattling bass drop the original boasts, the addition of which would have elevated this freestyle considerably. A quick, generally OK listen.

Game-N***as In Compton

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